A recurring event

ABINIT Developer Workshop
May 31 - June 4, 2021

This workshop will be the 10th workshop of the ABINIT developer workshop series!

It will occur 20 years after the date of the first availability of ABINIT as an open source code!

During these years, ABINIT has incorporated an increasing number of functionalities (see the two recent invited papers [1,2] published in 2020, as well as recent publications in high-impact journals [3,4,5,6,7]) and has been coupled to more and more software libraries. ABINIT can also run efficiently on HPC architectures for most functionalities. It is thus of utmost importance for developers to have a place to exchange and discuss about new scientific and technical developments....

The ABINIT developer workshops form a series of events, crucial for the community of ABINIT developers, organized every two years. A unique occasion for most developers to acquire or maintain a global view of the project and stay up to date with the latest capabilities, planned developments, and overall strategy. The developer workshop is always an opportunity to invite external researchers, from other codes and communities, to exchange best practices and expertise.

This edition will be the first in which there will be interactions between user and developers, using digital connectivity tools.

Previous editions:
  • 9th International ABINIT developer Workshop, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, May 2019 Funded by : Psi-k, CEA, FNRS, UCLouvain, 63 participants (website).
  • 8th International ABINIT developer Workshop, Fréjus, France, May 2017 Funded by : Psi-k, CEA, ERC Impact, french GdR ModMat, french GdR REST, 39 participants (website).
  • 7th International ABINIT developer Workshop, Liège, Belgium, April 2015 Funded by : Psi-k, FNRS, ULiege, FWO, 34 participants (website).
  • 6th International ABINIT Developer Workshop, Dinard, France, April 2013 Funded by : Psi-k, CEA, french GdR coDFT, CECAM-Ile-de-France, 45 participants (website).
  • 5th International ABINIT Developer Workshop, Han-sur-Lesse, Belgium, April 2011 Funded by : Psi-k, FNRS, UCLouvain, 57 participants (report).
  • 4th International ABINIT Developer Workshop, Autrans, France, March 2009 Funded by : Psi-k, CEA, Scienomics, 56 participants (report).
  • 3rd International ABINIT Developer Workshop, Liège, Belgium, January 2007 Funded by : Psi-k, FNRS, ULiege, french GdR DFT, Mitsubishi Chemicals, FAME european network, 50 participants (website).
  • 2nd ABINIT Workshop, Paris, France, May 2004 Funded by : Psi-k, CEA, CNRS, UCLouvain, french GdR DFT, 39 participants (website).
  • 1st ABINIT Workshop, Louvain-la- Neuve, Belgium, November 2002 Funded by : Psi-k, CEA, FNRS, french GdR DFT, 37 participants (website).